The Brand

Switch Effortlessly.

SASH was born from a vision to create something extraordinary in the 'everyday' world of footwear. We believe in the power of minimalism adorned with a chic twist, making every design a statement of style and comfort no matter where you are. Our collection effortlessly bridges the gap between the traditional charm and modern flair, ensuring each pair complements both western and ethnic wear seamlessly.


Comfort & Craftsmanship

At the heart of SASH lies our commitment to unparalleled comfort and meticulous craftsmanship. Our footwear features 3-5mm of premium memory foam, promising an even distribution of balance and quick shape recovery for instant comfort. Beyond comfort, our designs are inclusive, striving to cater to every foot type—big or small, wide or narrow—celebrating the diversity of the Indian woman (or soon, Indian man). Each sole, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mumbai, embodies the soul of SASH: unique yet versatile, durable, and meticulously made with cruelty-free materials.


Our Material Philosophy

SASH chooses animal cruelty-free leather that is premium, long-lasting, easy to clean and good-looking. Every material is handpicked, ensuring it meets our high standards of ethics and durability. This meticulous selection process is our pledge to offer products that are kinder to the planet and your feet. Our dream is to one day make attractive styles at attractive prices in 100% sustainable materials. This is only our first step forward.


Made in Mumbai

Rooted in the bustling city of Mumbai, SASH prides itself on being a testament to Indian ingenuity and craftsmanship. Our proximity to production allows for hands-on involvement in every step, from material selection to the final stitch. This dedication ensures that SASH remains a symbol of Indian craftsmanship compatible for a more global mindset — wherever, whenever, in all outfits and moods.


A Leap of Faith

The journey of SASH is a tale of passion, courage, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. Conceived from a longing for footwear that blends classic aesthetics with a modern twist, SASH is the realisation of countless Pinterest inspirations and a decade of corporate experience. It is our founder Saumya's leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship driven by the desire to create footwear that is size-inclusive, cruelty-free, and distinctly SASH.

Join us as we stride forward, crafting not just footwear but a legacy of style, comfort, and ethical elegance. Welcome to SASH!